Fees payable are as follows (w.e.f. 01 April 2019):
a) Entry Fees The students admitted in Class XI are considered as new.
Class Entry Fees (Amount in Rs)
Nursery 12500
Preparatory 12500
I 12500
II 12500
III 12500
IV 12500
V 12500
VI 15500
VII 15500
VIII 15500
IX 15500
XI (For internal students) 19000
XI (Students from other schools) 25000
b) Transfer Fees
Ordinary 500
Urgent 800
Duplicate T.C./Marksheet 300
Duplicate I-Card 50
c) Annual Fees (Collected at the time of Admission/Re-Admission)
Class Annual Fees (Amount in Rs)
Nursery 4500
Preparatory 4500
I 4500
II 4500
III 5000
IV 5000
V 5000
VI 5500
VII 5500
VIII 5500
* IX (EVS Students) 6050
* IX (Science Students) 7150
* X (EVS Students) 6050
* X (Science Students) 7150
** XI 8000
** XII 8000
* For IX & X - Rs. 1100/- For Computer Applications & Rs. 400 for Home Science will be charged additionally. ** For XI & XII - Rs. 2200/- per Laboratory will be charged additionally.  
d) Monthly Tuition Fees
Class (Amount in Rs)
Nursery 1000
Prep. 1000
I 1200
II 1200
III 1450
IV 1450
V 1550
VI 1550
VII 1750
VIII 1750
IX 1950
X 1950
XI 2350
XII 2350
e) Total Charges for Admission /Re-Admission
Class (For Old Students) Re-Admission Charges (Annual Fees + Monthly Tuition Fees for the first month of the session)(Amount in Rs) (For New Students) Admission Charges (Entry Fees + Annual Fees + Monthly Tuition Fees for the first month of the session) (Amount in Rs)
Nursery 5500 18000
Prep. 5500 18000
I 5700 18200
II 5700 18200
III 6450 18950
IV 6450 18950
V 6550 19050
VI 7050 22550
VII 7250 22750
VIII 7250 22750
*IX(EVS Students) 8000 23500
*IX(Science Students) 9100 24600
*X(EVS Students) 8000 23500
*X(Science Students) 9100 24600
**XI(For existing Students) - 29350
**XI(Students from other schools) - 35350
**XII 10350 -
* For IX & X-Rs.1100 for Computer & Rs.400 for Home Science will be charged additionally. ** For XI & XII – Rs. 2200 per laboratory will be charged additionally.
f) Council Fees For Classes IX to XII, Fees regarding Registration, Examination, Migration, etc as stipulated by the Council would have to be paid. Migration Fees as and when applicable would have to be paid.

A Fee Waiver Scheme is available for a very limited number of needy and good students.

A Scholarship of Rs. 400/- (Rupees four hundred only) per month is awarded to the students of Class IV and Class VII who achieve the 1st Position in the Annual Examination. The tenure of the Scholarship is one year.

A Scholarship of Rs. 800/- (Rupees eight hundred only) per month is awarded to the highest scorers of I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. Examinations for the tenure of 2 years and 1 year respectively.

Three onetime Scholarships of Rs.5000/-, Rs.4000 and Rs.3000/- respectively would be awarded to the first three rank holders in the ICSE Examination (Science Group) each year as instituted by Dr. Manjari Deb in the name of her mother (Late) Dr. Arati Gupta who was a teacher in our school for a long time.

Three onetime Scholarships of Rs.4000/- each are awarded as ‘ATISH SMRITI PURASKAR’ to the first rank holders in the Science, Humanities and Commerce Streams of the ISC Examination each year with effect from 2010. This has been instituted by Mr. Dipankar Sen Gupta and Mrs. Joyita Sen Gupta, parents of Late Atish Sen Gupta, who passed the ISC Examination from our school in the year 2006.